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1822First foray into SOAP and SOAP::Lite

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  • Chad Simmons
    Sep 11, 2002

      I've just recently joined this group and try though I might, I've
      been unable to locate a FAQ on for it. I hope that you will,
      therefore, forgive any faux pas on my part.

      In any event, I've recently had a situation come up in which I need
      to develop a soap client. I did a bit of research on SOAP and
      SOAP::Lite, and read some examples.. However, one thing still puzzles
      me. I've been given documentation for the SOAP API I'll be
      communicating with, but it only really explains how the header,
      envelope and body are supposed to be formatted. Now it's my
      understanding that most of this will be handled by the SOAP::Lite
      library, so I don't really need (or want) to understand these
      specifics. However, I cannot easily determine how I can convert the
      information layed out in the example request and response SOAP
      messages into SOAP::Lite calls and SOAP::DATA objects..

      If anyone couls shed some "lite" (pun obviously intended) on this
      subject I would greatly appreciate it.

      Thank you for your time,
      Chad Simmons