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1811SoapLite dll minimal or standalone dosn't work

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  • Henrik Schak Hansen
    Sep 9, 2002
      I am trying to get the VB Soap examples
      to work, but they all fail.

      I have the latest ActiveState Perl installed
      on my computer and SoapLite 0.55.

      When I register the standalone DLL(successfully) and try
      to use the provided VB soap examples it says:

      Run-Time error....
      Automation error
      Unspecified error

      When I try to use the small version dll it says:

      "Can't find PerlCtrl"

      Looking trough the archive others have had similar
      problems but I can't see any solutions (other than running
      it on a computer where Perl isn't installed).

      Any suggestions ?

      Henrik Schak

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