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1808SOAP-call without doing HTTP

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  • Marten Lehmann
    Sep 6, 2002

      I'd like to change the following code so that SOAP::Lite generates the
      xml-message, but doesn't post them. Instead I want to do the
      http-connection handling and feed SOAP::Lite with the response I get.

      use SOAP::Lite;
      use strict;

      my ($domain, $soap, $code, $msg);

      $soap = SOAP::Lite
      -> uri('DomainTools')
      -> proxy('http://soap.variomedia.de/public/');

      $domain = shift @ARGV;
      ($code, $message) = @{$soap->getDomainStatus($domain)->result};
      print "$domain: [$code] [$msg]";

      Wherefor I need this is as follows: I want to do several SOAP-calls at
      the same time, but with SOAP::Lite I have to wait until I receive a
      response for the current SOAP-call. So I want to syswrite the
      xml-message on my own to the http-servers and sysread the responses as
      they come - nonblocked of course. After fully retrieved the response I
      again want to use SOAP::Lite to do the parsing.

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