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18RE: RE: [soaplite] Re: Install on Windows 98 NT 2000

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  • Fisher, James
    Feb 8, 2001
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      That is not created by default. Here are your options.

      1. (The option I use) Open a cmd prompt and type "perldoc SOAP::Lite".
      type "perldoc perldoc" if you have any questions.
      2. There is a bat called pod2html.bat which will convert it to html, but I
      have never used it. If you want it to show up on that nice html index for
      the activestate docs you may have to open up the file and add it. There is
      an automated way to do this, but I would have to look it up.


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      I didn't get the htmlhelp part to work though - I can't find the module,
      where is that located???


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