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1787SOAP::Lite calls which are not real Perl subs

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  • ukslimer
    Aug 29, 2002
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      I'm new to SOAP::Lite and indeed to SOAP. I subscribed to this list
      because I had this question -- so apologies for not lurking a while

      I've been working from the O'Reilly book "Programming Web Services
      with SOAP". From the book and from the examples that come with
      SOAP::Lite it seems very easy to write a SOAP server such that when
      the client sends (many attributes ommitted for my typing convenience):


      ... the server runs the Perl sub "cmd(parm)" and returns the XML
      serialised result.

      However I would like to write a server which instead of running the
      Perl sub "cmd(parm)", runs something like "process_cmd(cmd,parm)".
      This is because I want my server to pass these commands on to another
      command processor.

      I've looked through the SOAP::Lite perldoc, and I've contemplated
      things like messing around with the deserialiser before handling the
      request -- but there must be an more elegant way to do this which
      eludes me.

      Any ideas?