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1754RE: [soaplite] Returning multiple values from a SOAP::Lite server

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  • Andersson, Kimmo
    Aug 16, 2002

      Hi !


      You did not mention with which language Your client is implemented.


      I have a SOAP client, actually a C++ library. So I had to embed Perl into my C++ code. Actually I have a own Perl module between C++ and SOAP::Lite. My Perl module returns the SOAP response as an array and I have no problems on C++ side while reading that array from the Perl stack.  Perl_call_argv returns the number of items Perl put into the stack. Just read that many items from the stack with POPp-function in a loop.


      But remember that they come from the Perl stack in reverse order. I put them into a STL list with push_front so they are then in the list automatically in the correct order.


      A bigger problem was that my library provides support for several different SOAP messages. The SOAP array from paramsout() might contain several arrays, or one array or none. So I have go through the array and de-reference the arrays in it. So only an array containing scalars is returned from my Perl module to C++.




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      I'm fairly new to SOAP and still getting my head round the protocol. I have a simple Apache & mod_soap client-server working and my question is this:

      I know I can return an array of results and use paramsout() to get the full list but if the client is not written in Perl then should I be returning the data in a more standard form rather than just:
              return @array_of_data;

      I've hunted around the web for info and am a bit lost, a pointer to some examples etc would be more than sufficient. Think I'll go buy SOAP book (any recommendations?)



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