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1749Two-way soap?

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  • Keanan Smith
    Aug 15, 2002
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      Ok, so I have a situation where I not only need to have a call-response from
      client to server, but I need to have the server be able to instigate methods
      in the client (In effect the client end need to be client-server)

      Now I can have the client/server create a Soap daemon which listens for
      messages, however, I need to be *doing* stuff, rather than be trapped in a
      listen loop (At least on the "client" end, the server end it's pretty
      irrelevant for, conventional listen-respond works fine)

      What I'm wondering is, is there a way to hook something into Soap's http
      daemon such that it gets called in the daemon's virtual 'loop', or
      alternately is there a one-shot 'check for something on the port' which I
      can build my own event loop around, or am I going to have to "roll my own"
      from LWP or something?