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1736Setting header in request message when using WSDL document

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  • KenWilner
    Aug 5, 2002
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      I am using a WSDL document and the service() method to bind to a Web
      Service rather than the uri/proxy methods. I need to extract the
      SOAP header I received as a response from one operation and pass it
      as the header of the request for the next operation.

      As suggested in a previous message, I am getting the SOM for the
      response by calling the call method, $client->call(), to get the SOM
      object for the just executed operation. Once I have the SOM I am
      using headersof() to get the SOAP::Header object.

      So my question is how do I set the header for the outgoing request?
      When using the uri/proxy approach, I simply passed the SOAP::Header
      object in is as the 1st argument to the operation that I want to call
      on the remote Web Service. However, when using the service method
      approach, if I pass in the header as the 1st argument to the Web
      Service operation, SOAP::Lite places the contents of the SOAP::Header
      object in the Body element eventhough that conflicts with the schema
      for the message as reflected in the WSDL.

      Thanks in advance for your help.