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1734What does WSDL::Generator do for name based parameters?

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  • rad_iohead
    Aug 5, 2002

      Could anybody shed some light on how to use WSDL::Generator
      if the server side functions use name based parameters. Thus,
      a client call in this case might look like:

      $soap->method_name(SOAP::Data->name(foo => $value), ...);

      This, in turn, is accessed in the server by the "byName()"
      function (by inheriting the class from SOAP::Server... etc.,
      as documented).

      Now, the question is, does the WSDL::Generator module, in
      its design, or implementation, or both, rule out its use for
      this scenario? It appears the server needs a valid envelope
      for the byName() function to extract these parameters. Now,
      WSDL::Generator wants the class methods to be called "directly".
      Hence - the confusion.

      If this is not so, please tell me what I'm missing.

      Regards and thanks