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173Re: client-server forwarding trickery

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  • mbrutsch@intrusion.com
    Apr 5, 2001
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      I found a port forwarder in the Perl Cookbook(tm), and it seems to
      work well. (I run webmin on localhost:10000; if I forward 8000 to
      10000, then I can access webmin on localhost:8000). I can also make
      the SOAP c/s work perfectly, using TCP transport and port 12000. But
      if I change the client to 12001, and forward 12001 to 12000, the
      method executes on the server, but the client dies with 'Can't call
      method "result" on an undefined value'. Any thoughts?


      > > Interesting question, but it seems like you don't need SOAP server
      > > that will forward requests, you just need to have simple proxy
      > > that will forward request to SOAP server unavailable from
      > > internet.
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