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1728SOAP::Lite, compression and IIS/.NET

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  • ctcard_hotmail_com
    Jul 31 2:59 AM
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      I've got a SOAP::Lite client working against a .NET service, but I
      would like to use HTTP compression and I'm having problems getting it
      On the server end IIS has been configured to use HTTP compression,
      and this seems to be working for .NET clients. When I turn on HTTP
      compression in the SOAP::Lite client using something like

      options => {compress_threshold => $threshold}

      the HTTP header includes "Accept-Encoding: deflate", and includes
      "Content-Encoding: deflate" if $threshold is set low enough.
      However the server end refuses to either decompress compressed
      requests, or to compress responses.

      Has anyone got HTTP compression to work with a SOAP::Lite client and
      a .NET service?