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1724SOAP::MIME updated

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  • Byrne Reese
    Jul 26, 2002
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      The latest version is SOAP::MIME-0.55-3. It is thouroughly documented.

      Changes in this release:
      * attachments parsed out of a response message are parsed into
      MIME::Entity objects - this allows a greater range of functionality and
      flexibility in manipulating attachments. The old SOAP::SOM::attachments
      has been deprecated in favor of SOAP::SOM::parts.

      I just uploaded SOAP::MIME to CPAN, and you can also download the latest


      Note: This module is a patch to SOAP::Lite. It is not intended to stay
      around forever, but instead give users the temporary ability of dealing
      with attachments until Paul supports the ability in SOAP::Lite proper.

      Comments welcome.

      :/ byrne

      (415) 344-3139