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171Re: [soaplite] keep alive

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  • Robert Barta
    Apr 4, 2001
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      > : Speaking about XML-RPC, next version will include XMLRPC::Lite with
      > : SOAP::Lite interface, but XMLRPC payload. It was tested with
      > : userland's validator and it works just fine (for the first version).
      > : It gives you access to all features of SOAP::Lite (authentication,
      > : compression, SSL support, etc), access to all transports, and works
      > : on client and server side. Will it be interesting?

      OH, YES!

      One issue I will have in the next future is: speed.

      Currently SOAP::Lite is using Expat, which is stable and working. But
      in the case of SOAP and XML-RPC the payload format is not completely
      arbitrary but has a rather predictable syntax.

      I'm sure that a "SOAP-XML" or "XML-RPC-XML" parser can be considerable
      faster than the generic Expat.

      Any ideas (a) which parser to use and (b) how to tell SOAP::Lite to use

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