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1693Building a SoapLite server and Java client

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  • VinodPPanicker
    Jul 15, 2002
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      Hello All,

      I am trying to develop a distributed system using a Soaplite perl
      server and accessing it via a java client. This application would
      need complex object transfer between the client and server. I am
      using Apache SOAP for the java part.

      I went thru few of the examples provided with soaplite (esp oo-
      apache.pl was interesting), this works well. But i dont seem to get
      an example which demonstrates a complex soaplite perl server and a
      java client. Since I am new at java and SOAP , i would appreciate if
      someone could point to some article on how to achieve this. I am
      interested in marshelling(serializing- deserializing), esp what are
      the options i have for this in perl and java.

      Secondly i would like to know how would the soaplite server react on
      multiple simultaneous client requests. Does it queue connection
      requests? Or is there any multithreading mechanism to duplicate ports?

      What are the security concerns on using soaplite? can we use ssl or
      so?(sorry to ask so many questions, unfortunately i didnt find a
      clear answer for these in the soaplite documentation)

      Also, is there some books or resources which discusses object
      serialization by soaplite and/or apache soap.

      Thanx in advance for any inputs!!