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1662Re: [soaplite] Re: Calling a web service - please help

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  • rjray@blackperl.com
    Jun 30, 2002
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      It looks like your choice to create the SOAPAction header with the following

      on_action(sub {join('/', @_)})

      is producing a value that the server doesn't like.

      Setting SOAPAction *should* be a lot simpler than most non-Perl servers make
      it out to be. Most of the behavior I've seen is totally arbitrary-- there are
      few rules regarding SOAPAction in the SOAP spec itself. There's almost as much
      written in the WSDL spec as there is in the core SOAP spec.

      Try not using that callback (let the default behavior have a go at it).
      Otherwise, if this is based on a WSDL spec, look to see what the server is
      expecting as a SOAPAction for the given operation.

      Randy J. Ray rjray@...
      Campbell, CA rjray@...
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