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1659Re: [soaplite] Re: Calling a web service - please help

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  • Duncan Cameron
    Jun 29, 2002
      On 2002-06-29 soapnewby wrote:
      >--- In soaplite@y..., Duncan Cameron <dcameron@b...> wrote:
      .. snipped ...

      >I plugged this code in but the Web Service still didn't work.
      >Duncan, could you possibly send the actual code when you get back to
      >work on Mon.? I'd really appreciate it!
      >Could it be that I am missing some Perl Modules for Soap::Lite to
      >work? We did download Soap::Lite and XML::Parse from CPAN...
      >Is it possible to check somehow that everything Soap::Lite needs is
      >Where else do I look to get this thing to work?
      >The client on a .aspx page works just fine but the Perl one doesn't.
      >Any ideas, guys???

      First, use the web interface to your service to show you what the
      XML needs to look like. In my case I could then figure out how
      I should use namespaces and types.

      Second, turn on tracing with SOAP::Lite to show you the generated
      SOAP message:

      use SOAP::Lite +trace => 'debug';

      This should show you where the mismatch is.

      _Then_, if you can't figure it out,please post a sample of your
      code and what the web service is expecting. In fact, always post a
      sample of code, don't just say it doesn't work.

      Duncan Cameron
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