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1651Re: [soaplite] Calling a web service - please help

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  • rjray@blackperl.com
    Jun 27 5:11 PM
      >>>>> "sergei" == sergei lana <soapnewby>
      >>>>> wrote the following on Thu, 27 Jun 2002 20:41:04 -0000

      sergei> I don't get any error messages but the thing just doesn't work. :( I
      sergei> tested the web service itself and it works OK.

      My guess is that like most .NET services, this one is very picky about the
      naming and the namespaces of the arguments you pass to it. Consider looking at
      the API documentation, then giving the parameters explicit names and such by
      using SOAP::Data calls, rather than passing straight Perl data.

      And don't feel bad-- we all run into this. Perl is very liberal and
      accomodating in what it will accept as input, it's easy to forget that most
      other languages aren't.

      Randy J. Ray rjray@...
      Campbell, CA rjray@...
      <A HREF="http://www.svsm.org">Silicon Valley Scale Modelers</A>
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