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1638Re: [soaplite] Attempting to recover an the actual error message when the remote server is down

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  • Duncan Cameron
    Jun 20, 2002
      On 2002-06-20 William McCracken wrote:
      >I want to capture the error returned when a remote server is not responding,
      >the line I get back with trace enabled is:
      >envelope: Server 500 Can't connect to SERVER.emc.usi.net:4343 (Timeout) at
      >/opt/USIstate/mod_soap//AgentServer.pm line 368
      >However while the returned object is a fault, it does not seem to have any
      >of the fields filled in so I�m unsure how to get this error and return it to
      >the user as the standard ->faultstring, faultcode, and faultdetails
      >variables contain no data.
      >Eric Gandt

      SOAP faults are really for server-side faults in the processing of a
      message, your error is to do with the client tcp/ip. You'll need to
      wrap your call in an eval{} to catch the error.

      Duncan Cameron
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