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1608to Base64 or not to Base64

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  • marceusx
    Jun 12, 2002
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      I have a SOAP::Lite server that issues a LWP and returns the contents
      of an arbitrary URL and in some instances there are charecters which
      force SOAP::Lite to automatically Base64 encode the response. This is
      only a problem becasue we are using a Javascript based soap client
      and trying to Base64 decode something of that size is a bit slow.

      Is there some way to make sure that SOAP::Lite doesn't Base64 this
      stuff? Or is there a simple package I can look at to make sure that
      the HTML is properly escaped so that the Base64 isn't triggered? I've
      tried a XML/UTF8 escaping algorithm I found on perlmonks, but it
      didn't escape all possible values that cause this issue (for example:
      “ (“) and ” (”) have specifically given us
      trouble in some instance)

      I apologize if there is something obvious I'm missing, but it's been
      a back burner issue until recently and I've only just now had the
      time to ask about it.

      Thank you