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1601Re: [soaplite] Re: MAX_CONTENT_SIZE in SOAP::Lite

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  • Duncan Cameron
    Jun 8, 2002
      On 2002-06-08 ritun2000 wrote:
      >Hi Paul,
      > Thanks a lot for your prompt response.
      >I have three test cases here and varying responses:
      >Case 1:
      > The test was done by writing a client and running it thru the command
      >line on a remote machine.
      > This is the error i get on the server log, when i send data greater
      >than 75000 bytes..
      >[error] [client] Request content-length of 93369 is large
      >r than the configured limit of 75000
      This points to a configuration limit in your web server, nothing to do with SOAP::Lite.

      >Further, this is the error on the SOAP client,
      >413 Request Entity Too Large at\ ./testservice.pl line 50
      >I do not understand where this has been configured.

      This is the http status code returned by your web server before it has chance to
      run your CGI. SOAP::Lite just passes it back to your client.

      Duncan Cameron
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