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16RE: RE: [soaplite] Re: Install on Windows 98 NT 2000

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  • Peter Wilkinson
    Feb 7, 2001
      Thanks Duncan,
      The build and install and tests work fine on Win2000 SP1, ActiveState v5.6.0
      build 623, using the .NET SDK nmake.

      I like the 'ppm install', I was not aware it would install from source like


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      Subject: Re: RE: [soaplite] Re: Install on Windows 98 NT 2000

      Peter/Allie et al

      Installing SOAP-Lite 0.46 works fine with Active State version 5.005_03,
      build 522, on Windows 98.

      As James Fisher wrote, the standard mantra works but I use

      perl makefile.pl
      nmake test
      perl -mHtmlHelp -e "HtmlHelp::MakeHtmlTree('blib/lib', 'blib/html/lib/site',
      ppm install

      The last two commands mean that the SOAP-Lite pod is turned into html and
      integrated into the Active State table of contents, and that PPM is now
      aware of the package (so it appears if you do ppm query).

      Paul - it might be an idea to provide a PPM-ready version in addition to the
      Unix and Win32 versions. I don't know whether such a version would vary
      across different Active State distributions, but I can provide one for the
      version identified above.

      Duncan Cameron

      On 2001-02-07 at 02:44:00, Peter Wilkinson <pwilkinson@...>
      wrote concerning 'RE: [soaplite] Re: Install on Windows 98 NT 2000':
      >I've just downloaded the latest SOAP::Lite .zip and it compiles fine here.
      >'perl Makefile.PL' the 'nmake' and it builds fine. I did have to install
      >MIME::Lite ppm, but I got that straight from ActiveState.
      >My configuration is Win2000 SP1 and .NET SDK installed for 'nmake'
      >I didn't install as this version of ppm requires SOAP::Lite and didn't let
      >me remove the 0.43 version!
      >Peter Wilkinson
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      >Sent: Wednesday, 7 February 2001 2:18 AM
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      >Subject: [soaplite] Re: Install on Windows 98 NT 2000
      >Okay ...I am using 5.5 build 522 (I think), not 5.6. I should have
      >mentioned that.
      >What installation procedure did you use? The usual Unix make
      >procedure using Microsoft NMAKE? I have never used this procedure
      >for ActiveState. I have only ever used PPM. Does the Unix procedure
      >work on ActiveState? I get error messages like "Can't find perl.exe
      >in C:\perl\bin" even though it is definately located there. Is this
      >a pre-build 623 bug?
      >--- In soaplite@y..., "Peter Wilkinson" <pwilkinson@f...> wrote:
      >> Try installing build 623 of AcitvePerl, I could install SOAP::Lite
      >once I
      >> upgraded from build 620. The latest build they have of SOAP::Lite
      >is 0.43
      >> though.
      >> PW.
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      >> Sent: Wednesday, 7 February 2001 1:59 AM
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      >> Subject: [soaplite] Install on Windows 98 NT 2000
      >> Any tips on installing this for ActiveState on Windows? There is no
      >> PPM that I can see. Unix installation is a breeze, but using the
      >> Unix procedure and NMAKE on Windows does not work well. Does
      >> have an ActiveState PPM for Windows are ideas on how to make one
      >> (besides "Read ActiveState documentation" which I've already done to
      >> no avail)?
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