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1591Minor irritant with SOAP::Lite inheritance

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  • Mark Wilkinson
    Jun 4, 2002
      One thing I have noticed as a minor irritant in using SOAP::Lite is that
      it is extremely difficult to generate new modules which inherit from
      it. This is because may of the calls (eg. ->proxy, ->uri, ->on_fault)
      result in operations that look like:

      $self = shift->new;

      attempting to recreate the inherited object (i.e. it is no longer a
      SOAP::Lite object which is shifted), which itself will call ->proxy
      during its initialization... and "BOOM", infinite recursion.

      most unpleasant :-)

      Is anyone aware of a way to get around this? it isn't a big deal, but
      if a method exists I'd like to know.


      "Speed is subsittute fo accurancy."

      Dr. Mark Wilkinson
      Bioinformatics Group
      National Research Council of Canada
      Plant Biotechnology Institute
      110 Gymnasium Place
      Saskatoon, SK
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