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1590RESOLVED - Re: [soaplite] peculiar behaviour with WSDL file as input

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  • Mark Wilkinson
    Jun 4, 2002
      Although I can confirm the peculiarity below does continue, all other
      problems have now been resolved. Thanks Duncan for your insights into
      my misinterpretation of WSDL, and thanks Paul for writing the
      "dispatch_with" part of SOAP::Lite (which I *love*!!!) and for
      answering questions even when you're on the road.

      It was my problems with WSDL that were causing most of my errors, not a
      problem with SOAP::Lite itself (except for the bug report below).

      Cheers all!


      Mark Wilkinson wrote:

      > Interesting, though, is that if I pass it as a file rather than as a
      > string it passes the XMP::Parser parse without an error (though I
      > still
      > get the error 500 from the server)...
      > I wonder if something is being added to it when it is passed as data:
      > that is causing the unmatched token error??
      > M

      "Speed is subsittute fo accurancy."

      Dr. Mark Wilkinson
      Bioinformatics Group
      National Research Council of Canada
      Plant Biotechnology Institute
      110 Gymnasium Place
      Saskatoon, SK
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