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1584peculiar behaviour with WSDL file as input

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  • Mark Wilkinson
    Jun 3, 2002
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      Hi Paul and Others!

      I'm experiencing some very strange behavior when I use a WSDL file as my
      service description to SOAP::Lite. Here are the symptoms:

      Services.cgi is sitting in my /cgi-bin/ folder, and is executable.

      Services.cgi includes the following:
      $x->dispatch_to('/usr/local/apache/cgi-bin', 'MOBY::Service',

      Service.pm is sitting in my /cgi-bin/MOBY/ folder, and has the
      subroutine MarksTestSequenceRetrieve.

      Client code:

      $servicedef = "<...some wsdl file...>"; # newlines etc. have been
      my $Service =
      SOAP::Lite->service("data:,$servicedef")->on_debug(sub{print @_});
      $Service->uri(''); #
      removing this makes no difference...
      $Service->on_fault( sub{
      my($soap, $res) = @_;
      die ref $res ? $res->faultstring : $soap->transport->status,

      my($method) = "MarksTestSequenceRetrieve";

      print $Service->call($method => "some input")->paramsall;
      # the line above correctly executes the call to the SOAP cgi server
      but tells me
      # that I have not defined the "Transport" using proxy(), so it
      returns no result

      print $Service->$method("some input")->paramsall;
      # the line above, which I thought should do the same thing, results
      in a Server 500 error,
      # that I don't have access to the subroutine
      MarksTestSequenceRetrieve in module "main"
      # (which confuses me, because that subroutine isn't supposed to be
      in module "main"
      # it is supposed to be in module Service.pm!)

      I'm lost... Any ideas? All other SOAP services on this machine work -
      it is only this one, that uses a WSDL definition, that does not work.
      The WSDL file I am using is at:

      It passes XML validation, but I don't know if it passes WSDL validation
      since the ActiveState validator is dead. I can't see anything
      *obviously* wrong, but perhaps someone else can.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


      "Speed is subsittute fo accurancy."

      Dr. Mark Wilkinson
      Bioinformatics Group
      National Research Council of Canada
      Plant Biotechnology Institute
      110 Gymnasium Place
      Saskatoon, SK
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