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  • Pierre DENIS
    May 7, 2002

      I've published a module some times ago: WSDL::Generator which (you've
      probably guessed) generate automatically WSDL code by recording the calls
      made by a client to a module.

      The underlying goal of this module is: SIMPLICITY for the developer.
      The other solutions I've seen imply a lot of administrative work such as
      declaring all the methods and variable types. That defeats the purpose of
      perl to be a non-typed not declarative language for lazy programmers like
      WSDL::Generator simply catches all calls to a module that will be published
      as a web service and generate a WSDL file based on these infos. Even methods
      created through AUTOLOAD will be described in the wsdl file.

      Now, here are the issues:
      I need to extend it to have a better coding of arrays and binary data. The
      data types it manages need to be expanded.
      Help and advices are welcome, especially since I'm not a specialist of the
      WSDL specs.

      The wsdl file generation works locally, not through SOAP: The client script
      invokes methods on an unknown module, WSDL::Generator intercept these
      (through UNIVERSAL::AUTOLOAD) and dispatch the calls to the module, locally,
      and store all the information passed through. When calls are finished, the
      wsdl file is generated.
      It works very well, however, the ideal case would be to use WSDL::Generator
      through SOAP, probably by subclassing SOAP::Lite and use +autodispatch.
      Any thought about this scenario?


      Pierre Denis
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