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1410Re: Preventing package name traversal attacks

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  • give_me_a_donut
    Apr 10, 2002
      I have access to two versions of SOAP::Lite, one is 0.46 and one is
      0.52. I have found 0.52 to be vulnerable to the phrack exploit, yet
      0.46 seems to perform some type of validation and hence is not
      affected by the exact problem. This is quite a good thing, as last
      time I checked ActiveState was still shipping 0.46 with their
      distribution and making no later version available via PPM.

      When I try the exploit on a SOAP::Lite 0.46 server, I recieve the
      following fault message in reply ( dumped via Data::Dumper's
      Dumper($response->fault) )

      'faultcode' => 'SOAP-ENV:Client',
      'detail' => 'SOAPAction shall match \'uri#method\' if present',
      'faultstring' => 'Bad SOAPAction',
      'faultactor' => 'http://hostname:port/'

      If anyone has further information on this, or has seen a working
      exploit on this version, please let me know.

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