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1390Handling timeouts

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  • kafka.rm
    Apr 8, 2002
      Hi everybody!

      Perhaps a simple question, but I've tried and can't find any clues

      I'm running a SOAP::Lite client from within an perl-based
      application server (Intershop 4). What I would like to do is to
      detect when the SOAP-server dosen't answer and react to that.

      I know you can use the timeout-property ( $soap->proxy
      ('http://localhost/', timeout => 5); )to set the time-out but as far
      as I understand, what happens when this time-out occures is just
      that the module does a "die" or something.

      I would like to have code executed instead, something I would
      acomplish by catching an exception in java for example.

      Does anybody have any suggestions? I'd be really greatfull!

      Best regards,
      David Backman, Web Trade Systems
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