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1386SOAP::Lite and WSDL data type mapping problem

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  • Sterin, Ilya
    Apr 4, 2002
      When trying to call a WSDL service method, that excepts numerous parameters,
      I get the following error (dump of the fault data).

      This is traced back to the dateTime type in I pass the dates as the just a plane
      string '1/1/2001' even tried with time and everything...

      Can anyone please help me. I've been trying to tackle this for two weeks
      now and no response from the SOAP list.

      Thanks in advance.


      'faultcode' => 'SOAP-ENV:Server',
      'detail' => 'errorInfo' => {'returnCode' => '-2147024809',
      'callStack' => {'callElement' => {

      'description' => 'None of the matching operations for soapAction
      http://tempuri.org/action/clsAsset.PutAsset could successfully load the
      incoming request. Potential typemapper problem',
      'returnCode' => '-2147024809',
      'component' => 'WSDLReader'

      'faultstring' => 'SoapMapper: Restoring data into SoapMapper dateTime
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