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1305XMLRPC::Lite faultcode returned as string should be int

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  • peterfwilkinson_au
    Mar 14, 2002
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      I'm just started doing some work with XMLRPC::Lite and run across a
      small problem where it returns faults with a faultCode that is a
      string containing 'Server'. From my reading of the XMP-RPC spec it
      should be returning an int, the spec doesn't give any hints as to
      generally supported values that can be used.

      I've had a quick look at the source and can see where it sets the
      value of the faultCode in the envelope sub, but very quickly got
      lost in where it got to this point so I don't have a patch for this.

      Also thanks for the great work on all of SOAP::Lite, we've used it
      for a number of projects and have a great deal of success with it.

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