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1297Problem with nested Java objects and SOAP::Lite

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  • James Felix Black
    Mar 12, 2002

      As the subject line says; I'm trying to pass a Java object that
      contains another to and from a Perl client. The server is using The
      Mind Electric's GLUE library, and can pass the object in question to
      the client properly. When I go to send, however, it fails.

      The Mine Electric people seem to think that the problem lies with the
      SOAP::Lite serializer, which seems reasonable to me, given my
      (minimal) level of understanding of the whole process. I quote:

      > SOAP::Lite seems to be doing things wrong. According to the soap
      > spec, if you're going to use href/id the id element has to be an
      > independent element in the SOAP:Body, with an attribute
      > "SOAP-ENC:root='0'" ... Previous attempts at interop with SOAP::Lite
      > haven't shown this problem, so I'd be willing to wager that there's
      > some sort of switch to make it publish the id'd element as an
      > independent element.

      If this is the case, can I easily throw this switch? Or will I have
      to delve into the murky realm of custom SOAP::Serializers?

      Thanks in advance,


      Here's the message, from GLUE to SOAP::Lite, that properly creates the
      nested objects in question:
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