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1289Re: [soaplite] Problems with SOAP Lite

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  • Duncan Cameron
    Mar 8, 2002
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      On 2002-03-06 rajeshchettyau wrote:
      >I have a python soap service that I need to access.
      >I need to send this service a header with a username and password
      >here is the code I'm trying:
      >use SOAP::Lite;
      >@parameters=("Hello","Cruel World");
      >$header = {Key => $key, Type => $type};
      >my $soap_conn=SOAP::Lite
      >-> uri("Demo")
      >-> proxy("https://bakkurta/cgi-
      >$soap_conn = $soap_conn->handle_dispatch(
      >SOAP::Header->name("username" => $username),
      >SOAP::Header->name("password" => $password))
      >unless ($soap_conn->fault) {
      >print $soap_conn->result();
      >} else {
      >print join ', ',
      >The server is a python server and right now all it does is returns
      >the parameters to me.
      >However when I run this code I get the following error:
      >SOAP-ENV:Client, Unparseable message
      >If I comment out the SOAP::Header references the code returns the
      >correct result.
      >Any ideas?


      If you haven't cracked this yet, can you post a trace of the
      SOAP envelopes?

      Duncan Cameron
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