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1287RE: [soaplite] username and password retrieval using SOAP::Lite

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  • Chris Davies
    Mar 8, 2002
      Most web servers will provide the authenticated username as part of the
      environment variables created for a CGI script. (This includes CGI scripts
      handling SOAP requests, of course.) You cannot get the password directly,
      although since the username has been validated you shouldn't generally need


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      Subject: [soaplite] username and password retrieval using SOAP::Lite

      When executing this SOAP call,

      -> uri(the_uri)
      -> proxy('http://username:pw@servername/proxyscript.cgi')
      -> function()
      -> result;

      is it possible to access "username" and "pw" inside the body of
      function()? This is running on Linux/Apache, using .htaccess file
      for authentication. Thanks for any help.


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