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1284Re: [soaplite] How to get a response?

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  • Sam Tregar
    Mar 8 12:30 AM
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      On Fri, 8 Mar 2002, tmornini wrote:

      > I'm very curious, however, about which posts get answered,
      > and which don't. Have I missed an important point here, or do
      > the answers actually come completely at random? :-)

      This is the best treatment of the subject I've ever seen:


      Although it's a bit over-deterministic. There is, of course, a
      pseudo-random human element as well; sometimes the right person to answer
      your question just hasn't had the time to read the mailing-list in a few
      weeks... Sometimes when they get back they skim through the missed
      messages too fast to realize you never got an answer.

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