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1268SOAP::Lite, GLUE, and Java Hash(table|Maps)

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  • James Felix Black
    Feb 28, 2002

      Briefly, I'm having trouble with the Java hash types; our environment
      is a Java server (GLUE 1.3) communicating with Java and Perl clients.
      One of the methods that we need to call returns a HashMap, which is
      then used as a parameter by a different method.

      By default, what I get back from the server is wrong, in that the perl
      object that is created contains just a single (key,value) pair. This
      object can be sent to the server, which correctly sees a hashmap of a
      single pair.

      I've written a dead-simple SOAP::Deserializer::as_hashmap method that
      converts the hashmap into a simple perl hashref, which works fine for
      receipt. However, sending this simple hash back to the server fails,
      as the server sees a null object.

      Is there a simple solution that I'm missing?

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