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126Segmentation fault after multiple method calls on a remote object

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  • Sean.Meisner@VerizonWireless.com
    Mar 21, 2001
      Hi all,

      I wonder if anyone else has seen this problem.. I have a SOAP::Lite client
      talking to a SOAP::Lite server. My server and client use objects_by_reference.
      In certain portions of the client code, when I make a bunch of method calls
      one after another on my remote object reference, I get a segmentation
      fault on the client side and the script dies. The server is unaffected by this
      error. My on_fault defined subroutine does not get called. Most baffling is,
      this behavior is inconsistent between different sections of the script.. in one
      portion, I may be able to call a method 4 times before it crashes. In another
      section of the script, the same code will crash on the second method call.
      The particular method with which I'm seeing this error simply takes 2 strings as
      parameters, and passes back a string.

      I'm just posting on the odd chance that someone else may have had this type
      of problem before and knows off the top of their head what the cause may be..


      Sean Meisner
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