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1245Re: [soaplite] Returning Arrays

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  • Duncan Cameron
    Feb 20, 2002
      On 2002-02-19 v_pareto wrote:
      >The SOAP::Lite User Guide gives an example of how to receive an array
      >at the client-side, but I want to know how to return an array at the
      >server-side. The "obvious" thing I tried
      > return(@x);
      >doesn't work.

      Try the equally "obvious" return \@x;

      >This is actually a prelude to a problem in which I want to return a
      >two-dimensional array, so if that's any different, please let me know.
      Strictly speaking, Perl doesn't have two-dimensional arrays, rather
      an array whose elements are each a reference to an array

      Return this in the same way, and you'll then have to figure out the
      most convenient way of accessing it at the client.

      Duncan Cameron
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