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  • johnp3d
    Feb 7, 2002
      Hi folks,

      First post here. I got past the simple stuff, but now I'm trying to
      get SOAP::Lite to be compatible with Wasp for C++. It seems WASP for
      C++ wants namespaces and class names to be exactly as they show up in
      the WSDL file. SOAP::Lite does some things in its auto serializing
      (or whatever its called - it really is quite cool) that I'd like to
      modify slightly. Like disabling the prepending of the package name to
      the element type(or name). I think I can do so by customizing what
      SOAP::Data does, but I haven't been able to find an example or
      tutorial on how it can be done.
      I'm really just starting with perl, so please don't be shy with the
      If it helps any, what I'm trying to send is an array of structures.
      The size of the array may vary from 0..many.


      John Powell