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1204Re: [soaplite] Re: SOAP::Lite with Crypt::CBC

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  • Sam Tregar
    Jan 31, 2002
      On Fri, 1 Feb 2002, emdee wrote:

      > It turns out the problem was the variable was tainted. It had
      > occurred to me that the problem seemed like a taint issue but I
      > wasn't explicitly running in taint mode nor was I accessing any
      > system calls so I had dismissed that. Silly me. Since I'm running
      > these under cgiwrap I was automatically in taint mode and Crypt::CBC
      > does something with the data that taint mode doesn't allow, causing
      > the failure.

      Ah, does any else find the idea that Crypt::CBC does something with data
      that Taint doesn't like sort of frightening? Maybe this is worth looking
      into further.

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