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1150get crazy getting keep-alive to work

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  • steffen_gehring
    Jan 16, 2002

      have performance problems with hp-ux/tcpip <-> solaris/tcpip
      using nt-server, there is no big difference in performance.

      i patched the UserAgent.pm in the following way:
      my $keep_alive = delete $cnf{keep_alive};
      $keep_alive = 1 if $ENV{'Keep_Alive'};

      it works fine for a simple perl/3liner, but not for a soapclient using wsdl-service.

      i check the connection using "mssoap transfer tunnel" from ms, which shows very good the diff of having keep-alive or not.

      it seems, that soaplite uses UserAgent (i see Keep-Alive in the http-header), but closes the connection after each request!?!?!?

      thanx for gettin soaped