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  • harryragger
    Jan 9, 2002
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      Hi everybody,

      I (as Non perl programmer) just need to test a XMLRPC Application
      and used XMLRPC:Lite:

      use XMLRPC::Lite;
      my $method = 'cms.getGvOrgPerson';
      my $hash = {'userid' => 'blablabla', 'password' => 'blabla'};
      my $res = XMLRPC::Lite
      -> proxy('https://blabla')
      -> call($method, $hash)
      -> result;
      print @$res;

      and all i get back is: a list of hashes.

      I'm only interested in the XML Response, so how Do I have to do it?
      how do i examine what data exactly is in the response (what keys what

      Any help is welcome,
      thank you!