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1129Re: SOAP::Lite - Pretty-Printing XML?

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  • Paul Kulchenko
    Dec 20, 2001
      Hi, Sam!

      You can use readable() option for serializer:

      $soap = SOAP::Lite->proxy(...)->uri(...)->readable(1);

      in this case request will have nice readable format. However response
      will be shown exactly as received. If you use SOAP::Lite server you
      can do the same thing on server side:

      $server = SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Daemon


      Best wishes, Paul.

      --- Sam Tregar <sam@...> wrote:
      > Is there any way to get the XML output by trace mode to be pretty
      > printed?
      > By that I mean indented according to structure and line-wrapped.
      > The
      > trace mode output is great but I have a lot of trouble reading the
      > XML
      > dump as a solid block of text!
      > If not, would you take a patch that added such a feature?
      > -sam

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