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111How to type DATE and INTEGER ARRAY / LIST for MS .NET

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  • Chris Davies
    Mar 19, 2001
      Hi folks

      I'm developing a SOAP::Lite based client that needs to talk to an MS .NET
      server. The interface specification I've been given by "the other company"
      includes some reference to strings and integers, both of which I'm
      reasonably happy about.

      However, part of its interface definition includes one parameter that has
      been described as DATE format. Yet another function takes an "INTEGER ARRAY
      OR LIST".

      1. Do I need to explicitly type these items, or will the auto-typing code
      get it right? If so, how should I format a date for it to recognise one?

      2. Will the auto-typing code "get it right" for non-numeric strings, and

      3. Can parameter names have spaces in them? I didn't think so, but the spec
      I've been given includes references to names such as "Customer Id".

      Many thanks,
      Chris Davies, Manheim Interactive (Europe)
      Tel. 0870 444-0450 Fax. 0870 444-0482 Email. MOL@...
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