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1097Re: Change enpoint address in stubmaker generated files.

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  • peterfwilkinson_au
    Dec 14, 2001
      Thanks Paul, I've had a chance to look at this and I can happily
      report success!

      For the record I'm talking to GLUE 1.3 and generating the wsdl using
      its java2wsdl tool - for anyone else who needs this it works a treat.


      > Yes. There are two types of WSDL files: "full" WSDL that has
      > interface description as well as service (endpoint) address and
      > "tModel" WSDL that has only interface description. In first case
      > can't change service address easily. In second case (when you don't
      > have service part) you can specify endpoint address using proxy()
      > method. Everything else is the same. Example of tModel WSDL you may
      > find here (http://www.xmethods.net/tmodels/SimpleStockQuote.wsdl).
      > use it as this:
      > $service = MyService->proxy(.....);
      > $service->myMethod();
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