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1095Trouble with soap response message

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  • markbaxterus
    Dec 12, 2001
      Hi All,

      I think this should be easy... but I'm having trouble getting my
      SOAP::Lite client to decode a simple soap response message. My
      client receives the following:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <namesp1:getNamesResponse xmlns:namesp1="urn:TestService">
      <m:response xmlns:m="http://temp.com/sd">

      I use Data::Dumper to look at the response and see:

      $VAR1 = bless( {
      'name' => 'Mary'
      }, 'response' );

      As you can see, 'Frank' was lost! :-(

      I expected to see both 'Frank' and 'Mary' in the output. A simple
      perl one-liner that illustrates an expected output:

      % perl -MXML::Simple -MData::Dumper -le \
      'print Dumper XMLin("<m:response xmlns:m=\"http:/temp.com/sd\"> \

      $VAR1 = {
      'xmlns:m' => 'http:/temp.com/sd',
      'name' => [

      BTW, the client code that makes the soap call:

      my $result = SOAP::Lite
      ->getNames("request text")

      print Dumper $result;

      How do I properly configure my SOAP::Lite client to properly handle
      the received soap message?

      Thanks in advance,


      P.S. My production environment is using SOAP::Lite 0.50. I did
      test with 0.52, and the only difference was that the result
      was not "blessed".