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1080Reference instead of NULL in .NET and SOAP::Lite Interop

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  • vaibhav_arya
    Dec 8, 2001
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      I am building an application with a SOAP::Lite server and clients in
      Perl, .NET, PHP and Java.

      While trying to use my .NET client against my SOAP::Lite Server, the
      following happens which i find quite surprising, any one has an idea?

      The client is trying to call a function with one of the parameters as
      NULL, however when the server recieves the call, the Null param is
      not recieved as a null, rather as a Reference.

      On treating this Reference as an array, it seems that this is a 0
      length array.

      (Needless to say the Perl SOAP::Lite client does not show this

      Is this something that is expected? Or is there a way to get around

      (checking for this in every variable in every method call on the
      server side is not possible because there are more than 100 methods,
      it is easy for a programmer to forget to do it for one method call
      and that would be a very difficult bug to trace)

      Thanks in Advance,
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