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106Creating a custom serializer for COM *in* COM?

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  • jtoomey@rational.com
    Mar 12, 2001

      I've spent a bit of time playing with the standalone COM version of
      SOAP::Lite, and it seems pretty nice. I was calling live web
      services in a VB test app about 2 minutes after I registered the
      DLL. Pretty nice.

      If I want to create a custom serializer for a UDT, can I create that
      serializer in COM (VB or C++), or do I have to do it in Perl? I'm
      assuming the latter, but it seems worth asking.

      Also, has anyone put together any COM specific doc for this toolkit?
      I understand that it is Perl first and foremost, but translating from
      the Perl man pages is a little rough -- there isn't even parameter
      information in the DLL's typelib information.

      Thanks for your hard work, and for any info you can provide,
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