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1037Re: [soaplite] apache soap breaks with 0.52

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  • Paul Kulchenko
    Nov 27, 2001
      Hi, Werner!

      --- werner ackerl <cjbecjbe@...> wrote:
      > yes, it does. but it doesn't do anything about
      > spacial characters > 0x7F, like german umlauts.
      Yes, it doesn't. Details about why and what to do you may find here:

      Code examples are in cookbook (http://cookbook.soaplite.com/) or in
      conference materials here: http://conf.soaplite.com/p2p/35.html

      My interoperability tests for special chars don't show any problem
      with Java implementations.

      > that works. thanks.
      > (strange that my old approach did work with
      > 0.51 too. was that the bug?)
      Low-level mechanism for binding classes to namespaces changed. For
      every complex type namespace will be choosen from the hash specified
      as parameter for maptypes(), and for all other types default
      namespace will be used (that's why Array type gets it). Array has
      it's own handling because of number of attributes (like arrayType)
      that other types don't have.

      Best wishes, Paul.

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