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102Re: [soaplite] dispatch_to

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  • Robert Barta
    Mar 9, 2001
      Ray Rizzuto wrote:
      > Is it possible, using the Daemon process version of SoapLite, to
      > dispatch_to a particular instance of a package? I.e. if the package
      > is called Demo, could I do something like:
      > my $demo = new Demo;
      > my $daemon = SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Daemon
      > -> new (LocalAddr => 'saw', LocalPort => 1025)
      > -> dispatch_to($demo)
      > ;

      > The reason I want to do this is that the Demo object has some
      > expensive operations to do during construction.

      Would it be possible to put these expensive operations into a BEGIN
      block within 'Demo'? You could even create objects there in a pool,
      so that the constructor call is quite cheap.

      I would prefer this over burdening SOAP::Lite with additional
      ..at the end of the road there the beast 'CORBA' and 'DCOM'.

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