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1007Ticket authentication done on the server level before dispatch...

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  • Kent Sandvik
    Nov 16, 2001
      Hi, I'm trying to implement a global ticket-based authentication system
      where the ticket info is passed in a //authInfo SOAP field or something
      similar between the client and server (after an initial login sequence), but
      after this the authInfo should be parsed and verified *before* the
      dispatch_to is happening on the SOAP server side. This way I don't need to
      worry and implement authentication handling in each module called, rather
      it's done globally before the modules are called.

      I'm just not sure how to go about doing it, I could create my own
      SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Daemon with a new handle function, where the requeste
      come in and are handled, and then the response is sent back, but I'm not
      sure how to fetch any SOAP header information at this level. Any pointers
      highly appreciated. Thx, Kent
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