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WS-ReliableMessaging Interop Workshop #2 Invite: Version 2

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  • David Orchard
    This invite supercedes a previous invite which had a slightly out of date scenarios document. BEA Systems Inc, International Business Machines, Microsoft
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 2004
      This invite supercedes a previous invite which had a slightly out of date scenarios document.

      BEA Systems Inc, International Business Machines, Microsoft Corporation and TIBCO Software Inc, co-developers of the WS-ReliableMessaging specification, are hosting a 2-day Interop Workshop on May 12 and 13th at BEA's San Francisco office from 9am to 5pm with breakfast available from 8am.

      To attend this event, the attached feedback agreement MUST be reviewed and signed by each attendee - either before or at the workshop event. The purpose of the feedback agreement is to ensure that everyone involved in influencing the specifications is committed to keeping the specification royalty free. Also, as this is an Interop Workshop, participants will need to bring an implementation based on the specifications below.

      The 2-day interop workshop is an ad-hoc, open forum for companies who have WS-ReliableMessaging implementations based on the WS-ReliableMessaging specification published March 2004, and who want to test their implementations with other companies' implementations. Attendees bring their own laptops, their implementations and any other tools they feel would be needed; testing among all attendees will occur throughout the day. A scenario document for use in the Interop Workshop is provided in this invitation. Progress of interoperating implementations will be tracked throughout the event.

      This workshop will be held at BEA Systems in San Francisco, CA, see below for location details.

      An internet connection will be available during the workshop.

      Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks will be served, but participants will be responsible for their own dinner arrangements. Please make any special dietary requirements known in advance, and every effort will be made to accommodate them.

      As with previous workshops, these events are open to anyone who desires to participate and who can bring an implementation based on the specifications listed above.

      If you are interested in participating, please reply to Mark Nottingham, markn@..., 415-402-7254.

      A signed feedback agreement must be faxed to Mark Nottingham, fax 415-402-7820.

      Feel free to pass this invitation along, either in your company or elsewhere. This is an open forum. No invitation is required, but an RSVP is appreciated by the event hosts to facilitate accurate logistics planning. The list of attendees and general workshop results will be made public after the workshop.

      Thank you and we look forward to your participation.

      BEA Systems, IBM, Microsoft and TIBCO

      Workshop Location Details
      Room 15046
      235 Montgomery Street
      San Francisco, CA 94104
      MSN Map: http://maps.msn.com/map.aspx?ID=27CiJ.&C=37.79124,-122.4023&L=USA&A=12&S=405,320&P=%7c37.79124%2c-122.40230%7c1%7c235+Montgomery+St%2c+San+Francisco%2c+CA+94104%7cL1%7c&PN=1340139542&TI=235+Montgomery+St%2c+San+Francisco%2c+CA+94104

      There are numerous Hotels nearby in the downtown San Francisco area. There are the expected Hilton, Marriott, Four Seasons, etc. hotels.

      Slightly smaller hotels include:

      The Triton: http://www.hoteltriton.com/
      The W: http://www.starwood.com/whotels/search/hotel_detail.html?propertyID=1153
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